Jack Scorey


Nuzlocke is a popular online web-comic based on a style of playing Pokemon. I was asked by Nuzlocke himself to create a new website for his comic to allow easier image uploading and the ability to host multiple comic series on the website.

In 2018 the site had a major face lift, I redesigned the entire website to have a more modern look and we decided on a more simplified page structure. The previous site got a bit too complicated with the amount of pages it had.

The site also has a completely new content management system that allows adding comics and pages much more easier.

View the website.

The new homepage features an image slider that can be used for advertising new features and comics added to the site.

The comics page is now a lot more streamlined than the original site.

and here's what the site use to look like when it first launched in 2012...

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